​​​​                                                                                   HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC CENTER 

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group will be distributor for TEMP-COAT FB-520 for passive fire protection for residential, commercial and industrial use. This amazing product will prevent structures from burning when applied before a forest fire. Any structure can utilize FB-520. It is sprayed of at anytime before a fire.  HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group will not only distribute the FB-520 but will package the package the product in containers and ship for around the world under the HVCC FB-520 label. HVCC Assembly & logistic Group will also be the provider of FIRE JELL the stop fire before the get out of control and will be utilized by HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP on board their drones. The FIRE JELL will be used to stop forest fire in their tracts from the UAV DRONES as well as at Sauteurs Waterfront Destination in Grenada.  

HVCC FB 520 will also be applied to all wall, ceilings, doors, floors used in the 2000 room five star Hotel and Vilas as well as all other building being built on Sauteurs Waterfront Destination to prevent structures for possible burning. This is a critical issues when all construction is bring done by modular construction which contain wood. every building should be treated with FB-520. 

2018 is already proving to be a banner year for HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group. with new contracts coming in for our projects in the Greater Caribbean on Grenada. Every technology product that will be going into  the hotel, casino,  convention center etc. will be going through the HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, inventory, tagging and tracking process.

We have renewed a major contract with St. Andrew Development to build, assemble, ship, track and provide logistic for project on many programs including University, Indian Nations, Campuses, resort and Communities. Honor Valor Courage Corporation has signed two new major technology clients that will be part of  HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group,  and Elastic M2M which will be utilized in many contract with hundreds of application both overt and covert programs.

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group will provide assembly, installations, receiving, inventory control and shipping for Elastic M2M.  HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group will be providing all logistic and assembly for  our solar projects. HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC. will provide assembly, inventory management, receiving, shipping, tagging, tracking on land and on-board ship, world wide for Solar projects. Estimated solar panels currently at over 4,000,000 plus panels a year. 

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. will be working with Elastic M2M to installs their tracking and sensors into the UAV DRONE to provide unparalleled data and performance points and inventory control though out the UAV DRONE industry and this work will be done by HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC.

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group  is a global distributor for TEMP-COAT a major manufacture of TEMP-COAT is a liquid latex barrier form of insulation that has many uses for Industry, Commerce and the Home owner. We are known throughout the world for providing top-notch service and support. We also provide TEMP-COAT for Military applications.

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group is the only Company in the world that provides a very unique Knowledge Center to consult and bid on contracts and develop Process Patents: The HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group Development and Integration Center also incorporate the HVCC Knowledge Center where HVCC Family of Companies, partners, vendors, corporations and military client can come together to solve any issues or problems for the Governments, Military, Companies and Corporations around the globe. This process is very unique in that as we receive a project, we open that project up to all our member companies at the HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP, AND HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. The Members can evaluate the project and review the requirement from the RFP, RFI or request for consulting to HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP. At that point any Member who has input and desires to work on that project or consulting contract, will become part of the HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP, PROJECT TEAM and will share in all income or revenue derived from that Project or Consulting Contract.

The HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group  is always looking for assembling & logistic contracts that can create careers and excellent paying jobs for our Veterans and Indian Nations.
•HVCC Assembly and Logistic Group has signed contracts with St Andrews to assemble the medical data Kiosks. It is estimated the number of units will be in the 1000 of units and the contract will be for projects in Granada and as well as on Indian Nations. 
Veterans.  HVCC Assembly and Logistic Group will handle all shipping to installation sites and provide all inventory of parts and equipment.  A future HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group facility is plan in Indian Country in Montana to cover the western US.



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