who we are

HVCC Assembly & Logistic  Group is a SUBSIDIARY of  Honor Valor Courage Corporation and a Member of the HVCC Family of Companies. We think differently and look a projects from differ prospective than most companies. The center of our purpose is support of veterans. It is imbedded in our very name Honor: we honor all veterans no matter where they are from. The united Stated, the Caribbean, the Sovereign Indian Nations, South America, Central America. All who have fought been wounded and died for the United States. The Valor that all who have serviced with us and the amazing act that we have witnessed on the battle field. The Courage it takes for veterans from every walk of life and every country and nation who have stood on the wall and said not on my watch, not harm will come to you. 

We are veterans ourselves who have been there and know what to meant to say the code HONOR VALOR COURAGE to do the work the way is need to be done and take Honor in our work. Valor to stand up for what is right and never cut corners just to finish a job knowing it is not right. Courage to fight for our client and customers for the best price and best way the do the job even if it cost us more money. It is our CODE and as it was in the military it is still our CODE. UNIT CORPS GOD and COUNTRY. 

Our Chairman Mr. Dennis M. Butts is a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, awarded three Purple Heart and was Awarded the All American Hero Award in 2013. He served as an Scout FO/RO with the infamous First Battalion Ninth Marines. He is Chairmen of Honor Valor Courage Corporation, HVCC Foundations, and Executive Managing Member of the current fifteen LLCs which make up the HVCC Family of LLC. Companies. Mr. Butts is also a writer and provides and produces lecture, seminars and creative plays on veterans issues. His seminars, lectures, writings and plays can be found on his other website www.understandnow.us.

Our Chief of Staff and Executive Director, HVCC Family of LLC. Companies Mr. John Weidlich is a combat Veteran having served with the 82 Airborne 502 Brigade in the Grenada invasion and in Panama. He has his Master Jump Wings and Combat Infantry Badge.

Andrew R. Butts Chief Executive Officer is a combat Marine having served in Afghanistan with the 4th Light Armor Recon Battalion.

Our Corporate Counsel and Developer, Dino Persio ESQ.  Lost his brother in the first wave at Normandy. 

Honor, Valor and Courage is as I said is in our name!

The profit HVCC make on any project is used to provide education for our veteran at our facilities in PA. We have over 240,000 square feet of space in Johnstown, PA where we have our own hotel which we referred to as the HVCC Campus Barrack. Here we provide complete housing for veterans going to our classes with full complete meals. We run our new HVCC Culinary Academy, and Hospitality Academy there. In downtown Johnstown, PA. we have 40,000 Square feet of classroom space for our training programs. This is all provided at no cost to our veterans.

We are in the process of developing a new campus in in Ebensburg, PA for the National Veterans Educational Institute a veterans This is a 155 acre $500,000,000.00 Campus with 30 new building on campus.  The campus is planned as a totally GREE ENERGY Campus utilizing the most advance and innovative technology in the world. www.hvcceductionalinstitute.com

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC. works hand in hand with HVCC Educational Institute and the National Veterans Educational Institute for providing a continues supply of available highly trained veterans to fill our positions at HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC. Through this educational process we will never be short of available high trained talent to fulfill our clients and partner requirements.

HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC. works with all HVCC Family of LLC. Companies on providing their valuable services to them as well as obtaining very valuable research and knowledge from the HVCC Family of LLC. Companies on new technology and trends in the markets. Many of HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group, LLC. contracts are a direct result of referrals and agreement from other HVCC Family of LLC. Companies.



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